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I appreciate it when a native speaker tries to help me sound more like a native speaker. The pleasure is all mine. Rex has a very stressful job. Jagath was unaware of some errors he had made when translating an important document for his boss. I told her not to come. We studied the government's economic policy. Granville has no classes at all on Monday. There's another way out. Mean men's talk is enough to imperil the world. Suzana needs an antidepressant.

She caused this. When will this machine be put in motion again? Something is definitely missing. I have never alluded to marriage. In this country the average number of children per family fell from 2 to 1.5. They went hand in hand. He's not a criminal.

We bought a comfortable new armchair. Are you ready now? Take my word for it. This should be done as soon as possible. I'm sure Harris will understand.

Something seems to be wrong with my clock. He rose to the rank of sergeant. I was told my tear duct was blocked. I had to deal with Joubert. Translating this material calls for a lot of patience. He hasn't done anything. You're overreacting. My voice was ignored in the discussion. Angus wants you to do him a favor.

What do your friends call you? Keith managed to make time to visit Claire while he was in Boston. We all need to live life to the fullest. This necklace is made of jade. My children often ask me for money. It's still really slippery here. I told you Jeffrey was a smart guy. There's no reason to panic... yet. Dawn fell for Suu's charms.

Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are? She was alone in this opinion.

Alexander is vital to our project. This is Ken. He loves his dog. How many presidents were assassinated in the United States? Rampaging elephants in Krasnodar? Impossible! I believe that Ariana Grande is going to win a Grammy award. I was afraid to be alone. It wouldn't be the first time that happened. That's a little out of focus. He finally decided to go to his mother with the news his father had shared.

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Someone is watching us. It's unusual for him to get up early. I eventually located Jim's house. Why are there so many people? You've got to come out now. Their relationship was strictly sexual.

This scanner can see through clothes. I wasn't thinking clearly. Eva stole money from his roommate. Manavendra started banging on the door.

Perhaps the book will prove useful. The United States have been dubbed the "world policeman", but some American intellectuals do not hesitate to call their own country "rogue state." I hope we're not interrupting anything. Something happened. I was thinking about something else. It's my pleasure. I'm glad things worked out the way they did. I didn't sleep at all that night.

He's the chairman of the committee. The debuts of groups of South Korean female singers are on the rise in Japan. Japanese singers can't afford to let their guards down. I spent all morning chopping wood. If I have any more questions, I'll let you know. Sarah finally fell asleep. I said that wasn't what I meant. I want to go abroad one day. About how much money do you need? It is outrageous that you should spend so much money.

Can we afford to buy that? She doesn't live with him.